TechPoint’s S.O.S. (Summer Opportunity for Skills) Challenge is a 6 -week program designed to create a needed space in between personal projects/hackathons and internships to drive and deliver value for university and recent non-profit coding academy graduates who haven’t found a full-time opportunity for the summer of 2021. Teams of 6 students will be assembled to work on projects focused on the theme of “addressing needs and identifying opportunities for communities amidst and post-COVID” sourced from government leaders, employers and community organizations with relevant needs and ideas. Participants will earn a $500 stipend, be coached by 100+ tech professionals and access programming designed to showcase the Indy tech community and improve their resumes for future job applications.

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$25,000 in prizes

Best Solution - Sports & Entertainment

Best Solution - Indiana Agriculture

Best Solution - Education

Best Solution - Healthcare

Best Solution - Energy

Devpost Achievements

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    • All teams should have a team name and be registered with Devpost 
      • Our Challenge on DevPost will open during week 5 and directions will be reviewed in our Weekly Sprint Meeting on July 19th
    • The Devpost team page listing is required to have the following elements in order to be judged:
      • A video recording of your team presenting your challenge solution and showing a product demo (10 minutes maximum). DevPost will allow embedded videos from YouTube, Facebook Video, or Vimeo.  
      • Your completed slide deck that is used in the presentation video and uploaded as a PDF file too.
      • An executive summary about the team and solution (Note: DevPost uses MarkDown Syntax in their portfolio submissions. You can learn more about markdown syntax here)
    • A few notes:
      • Consistently use the following naming convention for each element:
      • Challenge Topic - Team # - Submission Item
      • Example: Sustainable Energy - Team 1 - Video Presentation, Sustainable Energy - Team 1 - Slide Deck
      • The video and accompanying slides that you use in the video are intended to be your team’s chance to dazzle! Show off your product as if you were pitching it to prospective investors or customers.
      • The executive summary is your opportunity to provide a look behind the scenes into the journey and rationale that your team used to reach the end point.
      • Templates are provided for the slide deck and executive summary. You are welcome to change style elements (i.e. fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.) in addition to make content changes. Please note though that judges will be looking for the named elements in your abstract and presentations so as you make changes, be sure to not veer too far from the core components.
      • A sample DevPost page created by our team that previews what your project could look like. 
      • Check out this completed executive summary example as a guideline.
    • To review the judging criteria, please click here (coming soon). 
    • All project submissions will be randomly code-reviewed if applicable. 


Susan Baughman

Susan Baughman
2022 Indy College Football Playoff, Inc.

Sarah Myer

Sarah Myer
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Indiana Sports Corp

Bob Schultz

Bob Schultz
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Events, Downtown Indy, Inc.

Mitch Frazier

Mitch Frazier
President and CEO, AgriNovus Indiana

Julie Alano

Julie Alano
Department Chair, Applied Sciences, HSE High School

Sarah TeKolste

Sarah TeKolste
Spanish Teacher & Service Learning Coordinator, Shortridge High School

Allissa Impink

Allissa Impink
Manager of Community Engagement, K-12 Advocacy, UNCF Indiana

Patrick McGill

Patrick McGill
EVP, Chief Analytics Officer, Community Health Network

Ben Wrightsman

Ben Wrightsman
President & CEO, Battery Innovation Center

Kenny Jarnagin

Kenny Jarnagin
IT Software Developer, Cummins

Paul Talaga

Paul Talaga
Associate Professor of Engineering, University of Indianapolis

Mike Hockerman

Mike Hockerman
Senior Software Engineer, Structural

Kyle Peeler

Kyle Peeler
Software Engineer, Ironclad, Inc.

Jon Sorenson

Jon Sorenson
Professor, Butler University

Judging Criteria

  • Solution Quality - Team
    The team completed the project deliverables.
  • Solution Quality - Problem
    The team is able to articulate the problem presented to them by the SME as well as how their product is a plausible, realistic, fundable solution.
  • Solution Quality - Solution
    The product is well-thought out and different than anything currently on the market and/or presented by other teams. The team has attempted to (at a bare minimum) develop wireframes of the product and/or have a demo of what the product/solution could do.
  • Solution Quality - Market Size
    The team has done their research regarding the TAM, SAM, SOM of the product/solution. The data presented is sound and references reputable sources.
  • Solution Quality - Competition
    The company clearly articulated the competitive landscape as well as its unique, meaningful competitive advantage.
  • Solution Quality - Business Model
    The team demonstrated the use of the Business Model Canvas. Additionally, they thought about how this product/solution would make money.
  • Solution Quality - Marketing and Sales
    They have developed something of a brand/identity for their product. Coupled with the business model, they demonstrate a level of business acumen that’s resulted in a solution that could be presented to the marketplace with a strategy for attaining sales.
  • Solution Quality - Presentation
    The quality of the deliverables, including presentation skills and overall style, was compelling and added to their ability to convey a cohesive message about their solution.
  • Product Quality - Design
    Understanding that the product is a prototype developed in a short time, how effective & elegant is the product design? Consider both UX and also code or other product construction. Bonus for "killer feature" that differentiates or would get attention.
  • Product Quality - Engineering
    Understanding that the product is a prototype developed in a short time, is the product well architected with stability, flexibility, and security in mind? Note: any product plagiarism will disqualify the team from competition.
  • Product Quality - Tools/technology selection and implementation
    Did the team select the right tool(s) for the job and implement them effectively? Will the choices and implementation put them on path for quick, effective iterations now and scalability in the future?
  • Bonus Points - Long Term Strategy
    The team, product, and marketing strategy have potential beyond this project. The team has considered how their product/solution could realistically be developed and taken to the marketplace.
  • Bonus Points - Ask
    The funding amount requested will lead to meaningful milestone accomplishments and position the business well for future investments.

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